Session Chairs       

1) Prof. Judith W. Rhue (USA)  
2) Raman Preet (Sweden)
3) Dr. Ying Zhang ( Australia)
4) Dr. Padmalal De Silva ( Sri Lanka)
5) Dr. Sonu Goal ( India)
6) Prof. Sompoch Ratioran ( Thailand)
6) Dr. Hana Taha ( Sweeden)

Global Public Health 2014

Awesome Moments From
GPH 2012 Conference

Welcome to Sri Lanka..!! Welcome to GPH 2014..!!!
ICRD-Umeå Universitet - CCPSL Joint Conference


Next Global Public Health Conference in Dec 2015, Sri Lanka

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09 Important sessions - Participants from 25 countries


Second ICRD/ Umeå Universitet - CCPSL joint Conference, GPH 2014, offers a valuable opportunity to network with colleagues from many countries who share the same goals. Scientists and experts in Global public health are invited to participate in Asia’s largest public health event in Sri Lanka.

Session themes for the conference cover a rich and diverse range of research topics. We hope these sessions will bring researchers from across the globe together to discuss broad questions of common interest and provide a platform to establish relationships with new colleagues. You will be enlightened with innovative ideas and solutions at GPH 2014.


All  papers of the registered participants will be published in printed proceedings with  ISBN number as well as ONLINE conference Proceedings and forward for indexing. The Printed Proceedings Volume Part (where your paper is published)  as well as printed certificates will be provided at the time of the conference.

Keynote Speakers

Images form 2012 GPH Conference

Moments that were captured during the 2012 GPH conference which was held on 03 -04 Dec 2012