Global Public Health Conference - Colombo Sri Lanka 2018

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Dr. Fernando B. Garcia Jr (Philippine)

Assistant Professor and Chairperson, Department of Health Policy and Administration, College of Public Health, University of the Philippines, Manila

Prof.  Amardeep Thind (Canada)

Director, Inter-faculty Program in Public Health, Canada Research Chair in Health Services Research Professor, Departments of Epidemiology & Bio-statistics and Family Medicine Western University, Canada

Dr.  Ashish Joshi (USA)

Associate Dean, City University of New York , School of Public Health, New York, USA

Prof Peter Nyasulu (South Africa) 

Associate Professor of Epidemiology , School of Health Sciences, Monash South Africa.


Members of the Scientific Committee

Prof. Ian Newman (USA)

Prof. Amardeep Thind (Canada)

Dr. Ashish Joshi (USA)

Dr. Fernando B. Garcia Jr (Philippine)

Prof. Ram Reifen (ISRAEL)

Prof. Bhavani Shankar ( UK)

Prof. Peter Nyasulu (South Africa)

Prof. Chandra M Pandey (India)

Prof. Zailina Hashim (Malaysia)

Prof. Vikas Bhatia (India)

Dr. Indika Pathiraja (Sri Lanka)

Dr. Monika Nitschke (Australia)

Dr. Uma Singh (India)

Dr. Chris Stout (USA)

Dr. Ying Zhang (Australia)

Dr. Vathsala Sadan (India)

Dr. Bambang Wispriyono Indonesia)

Prof. Cindy Wang ( China)

Dr.Marie Caesarini (Indonesia)

Dr Brett Aimers (Australia)

Dr. Praveen G Pai  (India)






Gender and Women Studies 2018

Thailand 29-30 June 2018

Asian Studies 2018

Indonesia 16-17 July 2018

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