8th International Conference on Global Public Health 2023


The 8th Global Public Health 2023 is a global forum where public health professionals, researchers, policy-makers, academics, students, practitioners and community facilitators come together to strengthen efforts to improve the quality of public health delivery and to share the latest research to promote best practices.

We are delighted to be able to offer you the opportunity to present your research to a global audience and listen to the speakers from prestigious global public health faculties. Please join us at the 8th International Conference on Global Public Health 2023 on 19-20 October 2023 in Kuala Lumpur.

The conference attracts speakers from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania/Pacific Regions. There are opportunities to present research findings, case studies, review articles. If your work is still in progress or proposals for future research, they are all worthy of consideration. Whether an established researcher or a student, you can safely present, respond to questions and discuss a wide range of topics in a very supportive and friendly environment. The conference can be especially useful for first time and early career presenters.

Public Health is a growing area of interest Globally, with some countries looking to focus more on prevention going forward rather than having a treatment/illness orientation. This conference could give opportunity for you to engage in those debates,  network, publish your work and as an added bonus, it may also be possible to visit community projects the conference includes the opportunity (optional).

We believe the 8th International Conference on Global Public Health provides an interesting and supportive environment for researchers, academics, practitioners, policy makers and post-graduate students, to share knowledge, exchange ideas and establish academic relationships.

GPH2023 accepts the following types of submissions:

  • Abstracts, Research Papers, Student Papers, Case Studies, Review article 
  • Work-in-Progress Reports or Proposals for Future Research: Incomplete research or ideas for future research in order to initiate discussion.
  • NGO projects ongoing or completed, case studies on success stories
  • Reports on Issues Related to the conference topics: Reports related to innovative techniques or research
  • Video or any digital contents related to the conference themes

Proposals are accepted as long as presenter time is available or by 15 September, 2023 at latest. All submissions will be reviewed and acceptance or rejections is based on many  factors. Notification on acceptance will be forwarded within 5 days after the submissions.


  • Emerging Infectious Diseases (EIDs)
  • Climate Change Issues & Global Public Health
  • Mental health issues in Post Covid-19
  • Epidemiology and Public Health
  • Global Health Crisis & Covid-19
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health Practices
  • Mass Immigration & Public Health Challenges & issues
  • Health Informatics, Data Science, MedTech industry
  • Occupational Safety & Environment
  • Education & Community based Health Practices
  • Aging Issues and Long-term Care
  • Women’s Health Issues and Challenges
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Health Care Management

You all are welcome to GPH2023!

Professor Paul Illingworth ( Head of Leicester School of Allied Health Sciences, De Montfort University, England)

Dr. Irrgang, Klaus (Associate Professor of Wellness, Chair of Department of Wellness, Faculty of Science, Burman University, Canada)

Co-Chairpersons - Global Public Health 2023

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