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5th International Conference on Global Public Health  2019 (GPH2019)

" Climate Change and Global Health  - Challenges & Issues ”

GPH2019 accepts the following types of submissions:

• Abstracts, Research Papers, Student Papers, Case Studies

• Work-in-Progress Reports or Proposals for Future Research: Incomplete research or ideas for future research in order to initiate discussion.

• Reports on Issues Related to the conference topics: Reports related to innovative techniques or research

• Video or any digital contents related to the conference themes

Proposals are accepted as long as speaker time is available or by September 15 2019 at latest. All submissions will be reviewed and acceptance or rejections is based on many factors.  Notification on acceptance will be forwarded within 5 days after the submissions.


1. Emerging infectious diseases (EIDs)

2. Epidemiology and Public Health

3. Sexual and reproductive health practices

4. Climate Change Issues & global public health

5. Global Immigration & public health Challenges & issues

6. Health Informatics,Computer and Data Science, MedTech industry

8. Occupational Safety & Environment

9. Education & community based health practices

10. Aging issues and Long-term care

11. Women’s health issues and challenges

11. Social determinants of health

12. Mental Health and Mental Disorders

13. Public Health Nursing

14. Healthcare Management

15. Nutrition & Public health

You all are welcome to GPH2019!

Ying Zhang MD, PhD
Sydney School of Public Health
Academic Chair - Global Public Health 2019

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Conference Secretariat

WhatApp : +1-94-777799915
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