Climate Change: Perspectives for Global Mental Health

Climate change is the most important global health challenge today. It’s greater than Covid-19 and that has been a massive challenge. The impact of climate change is on everyone, young, older, rich, poor, urban and rural. The high income through to lower income countries. None are immune. The reason why it is, in my opinion, the most important global health challenge today – there is no vaccine for it and never will be. Climate change can be seen in many forms (deforestation, floods, fires, draught and rising temperatures). Increasingly human activity, especially in the last 50 years is acknowledge as single most cause. The impact of climate change is significant on humans, rural communities, often in Low- and Middle-income countries (LMICs) suffer draughts and failed crops, starvation and the growth in various diseases. However, a growing area of concern is the impact of climate change and natural disasters, including Covid-19 pandemic, on the mental health of Global populations. This paper, offers a perspective on climate change and mental health and the growing burden on LMICs in particular. A potential solution is also suggested.

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