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Unique Conferences Canada

Conference Partner

Unique Conferences Canada (UCC) is one of the leading scientific conference organizers in North America. UCC works with many partners around the globe including leading universities and journal publishers. UCC has expertise on managing and organizing world class Conferences, Seminars, Symposiums, Summits and Workshops around the globe by creating opportunities for the Scientists, Researchers, Academics and Professionals to enhance their careers through its international events. The significant component featured in UCC events is their dynamic, innovative and contemporary themes which cater to a lager spectrum.

Conferences in Canada

4th Canadian International Conference on Advances in Education, Teaching &Technology 2019    ( )

2nd Canadian International Conference on Humanities & Social Sciences 2019 ( )

Conference Organizer

As Asia's premier conference organizer, ICRD creates intellectual platforms for scientists, researchers and educationists across the globe to present their latest research findings and enhance their knowledge through mutual interaction and exchange of ideas in different geographical destinations around the world.

Conferences in 2019

5th International Conference on Global Public Health  2019


6th International Conference on Gender &   Women's Studies 2019

( )

6th  International Conference on Language, Literature and Society 2019


7th  International Conference on Asian Studies 2019

( )

Past conferences ICRD -

FB page of ICRD

Japan-Nepal Health and Tuberculosis Research Association

Hosting Partner

Japan-Nepal Health and Tuberculosis Research Association (JANTRA) is a non-profitable, public service oriented non governmental organization. JANTRA is affiliated to the Research Institute of Tuberculosis (RIT)/Japan-Anti-Tuberculosis Association (JATA). Our mission is to franchise to end TB, prevention of control of public health problems through evidence based public health interventions. The major thematic areas are policy and advocacy at all levels, Community system strengthening, knowledge management, partnership and networking (Nationally and Internationally). The primary beneficiaries of the JANTRA are urban poor, marginalized, deprived, and underserved population who are living far from the health service accessibility.

Contact Details

Conference Secretariat

WhatApp : +1-94-777799915
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Registration Matters

Conference Convener

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