Global Public Health Conference - Colombo Sri Lanka 2018

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Sri Lanka among  top 10 most attractive places to visit in 2017


Negombo (The little Rome)   is  located within 7 km from the Bandaranaike International Airport ( Airport code ; CMB) and Negombo is approximately 37 km north of the commercial capital of Colombo. Negombo has been an important trading port for both the Dutch and the Portuguese in the years past. 


 The Old Dutch Fort

The old Dutch Fort and the Dutch Canal would have to be Negombo's two main attractions. The Dutch Fort is now part of the local prison. Built in 1672 and located near Munnakkaraya Bridge, you can easily walk from the Negombo bus station or hotel area to reach the fort.

The Angurukaamulla Temple

Most Buddhist tourists would appreciate visiting the Angurukaamulla temple. Located near Harishchandra College, the temple boasts a giant Buddha image. There are also a number of old paintings and murals available for your perusal. In case you are interested in the kings of Sri Lanka from a bygone era, you will get a lot of information about them at this temple.

Muthurajawela Bird Sanctuary 

It is the island’s largest saline peat bog, its rich biodiversity making it home to a large number of species of flora, fauna, fish and birds both resident and migratory. It is the ideal place to spend a day observing nature while acquiring knowledge from the trained guides. You can also take a boat ride through the marshes and lagoon if desired.

Negombo Fish Market 

Also called the “Llelama” it is the second largest fish market in the country. Here you can see the local fishing trade in progress, observe every type of fish and shelled fish and even purchase some of your favourites to be prepared back at the hotel.

Colombo shopping trip 

Shopping in Colombo can be exciting because it has much to offer, from high end malls bursting with a variety of goods to smaller exclusive shops and wayside vendors. Here you can buy everything you desire from unique souvenirs, clothing, perfumes, shoes, electronic items to precious gems and jewellery, Sri Lankan handicrafts, tea and much more.

Location 1 - Global Public Health, Diseases, reproductive health, Climate Change Issues Conferences 2018 in Colombo Sri Lanka

Hottest foodies with various spices

Location 2 - Health Informatics, Occupational Safety, Women's health, Social determinants of health, health   systems, health Research Conferences 2018 in Colombo Sri Lanka

Fascinating  cultures

Location 3 - Health Informatics, reproductive health, Women's health, Climate Change Issues, health   systems, health Research Conferences 2018 in Colombo Sri Lanka
Location 4 - Global Public Health Conferences 2018 in Colombo Sri Lanka

Vibrant night time

Location 5 - Global Public Health Conferences 2018 in Colombo Sri Lanka

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