Global Public Health 2021 Conference

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6th Global Public Health 2021


Global health plays an increasingly crucial role in global security and the security of the world population. As the world and its economies become increasingly globalized, including extensive international travel and commerce, it is necessary to think about health in a global context. Every one in the public health needs access to cutting-edge research, up-to-date knowledge and know programs and policies demonstrate positive results. Global Public Health 2021 will provide delegates access to all of this, and more.

Delegates will explore the opportunity to better understand how research, program and policy decision-making processes can be positively impacted. The Conference serves as an global forum for the exchange of knowledge and experiences on key public health issues, contributing towards promoting public health at a national, regional and global level.


Global Public Health 2021 will :

  • Creating Opportunity to experience the best public health practices in global south
  • Empowering global public health professionals to collaborate, innovate and help shape the future of global public health landscape
  • Creating the largest platform in the global south for innovative ideas and approaches to public health practice, policy and research that encourage further collaborations across  multiple time zones
  • Inspiring setting to start new research, strategies, best practices and innovation.
  • Interactive networking and knowledge exchange forum at the international  level to identify, discuss and troubleshoot current public health issues across a range of disciplines and sectors
  • Supporting and nurturing the next generation of public health leaders
  • Engaging global and diverse voices, ideas, vision ,initiatives and actions of committed PH professionals
  • Strengthen and transform the global PH effort and influence decision making
  • Building multidisciplinary networks to promote public health at global level.



Having attended Global Public Health 2021, delegates will be better prepared to:


  • Identify challenges and related solutions, trends, emerging issues and  gaps
  • Explore the current status of public health evidence, research, policy and practice
  • Effective evidence-based education programs and health promotion practices
  • Evaluate strategies for knowledge & skill translation
  • Develop and access a network of colleagues and partners for initiating or expanding public health initiatives


Why Bali, Indonesia  ?

6th Global Public Health Conference in Bali Indonesia

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