Global Public Health 2021 Conference

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A) Abstracts Book with ISBN #

The Abstracts of the registered participants will be published with ISBN 978-955-4543-XX-X and will be issued to the participants on the conference day.

B) Conference Paper Proceedings volume (Online)

Paper proceedings online in  Journal : Asian Studies International Journal

C) Journal Publication

Papers that have been presented at the GPH2021 conference will also be recommended for further development for possible publication in the journals listed or any other suitable journals. You will need to submit your manuscript directly to the journal using the prescribed submission method.


The conference faculty will facilitate you to select the suitable journals for your final manuscript. The facilitation process will be coordinated by the GPH2021 Convener Dr. Prabhath Patabendi. (


Why Bali, Indonesia  ?

6th Global Public Health Conference in Bali Indonesia

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