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Bali is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and known as one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Bali - 6th Global Public Health 2021 Indonesia
Bali 2 - 6th Global Public Health 2021 Indonesia
Bali 3 - 6th Global Public Health 2021 Indonesia
Bali 4 - 6th Global Public Health 2021 Indonesia

Ulun Danu Temple

This pretty building is dedicated to the goddess of the lake and is one of the quietest and most serene places on the island.


Surfing is still incredible in Bali during December, as the wind changes directions and begins to blow from west to east, creating perfect surfing conditions on the east coast.

Neka Art Museum

There are over 300 pieces in the museums multiple buildings.

Tek Tok Dance

The dance is performed in the Bali Culture Center four times a week and located in Ubud. Tek Tok Dance show is a great way to experience some of Bali's culture, while also being entertained.

Sea Bathing

This is actually a great month to enjoy the sea when the sun's out, with an ocean temperature of about 27°C.

Denpassar Festival

December 2021-Denpasar Festival boasts a colourful combination of mask parades, art and musical performances, live painting, traditional art performances, book and literature fair, fashion show and culinary delights.

Spend time in Sidemen

The area is located amongst jade green rice paddies and lies in a cool valley. You can go trekking in the surrounding area and walk to secluded waterfalls and stunning vantage points that let you take in the majesty of the scenery here.

Why Bali, Indonesia  ?

6th Global Public Health Conference in Bali Indonesia

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