Temporary Visitors Visa – for visitors coming for business, pleasure, medical treatment, training, attendance in conferences, meetings and workshops/seminars.

Minimum Requirements:
  • Passport/Travel Document Valid for at least six (6) months beyond the intended period of stay in the Philippines
  • Duly Accomplished Visa application form
  • Proof of bona fide status as tourist or businessman
  • Confirmed tickets for return or onward journey to the next port of destination


1) Applying for a Philippine visa will require that the applicant’s passport be valid for six (6) months beyond the applicant’s date of departure from the Philippines.

2) The Philippine Embassies/Consulates will only accept electronic passports and machine readable passports for visa applications. Non-machine readable passports or hand-scripted passports will not be accepted for visa applications. The Visa Officer has the right to ask for any additional documents that may be deemed necessary.

**Source :https://www.visa.gov.ph/

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